September Stock Selloff | The Start of the 2020 Double-Dip Recession?

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Why did stocks fall so hard today? Is this the start of a double-dip recession? In this video I’m going to describe what I believe is going on, new price targets for tech companies and I’m going to explain my strategy and diversification moves.

Is this just profit taking or what the heck is happening? Well, remember what happens after profit taking. Shopping. But how does that explain what the heck is going on the market? Why are things so expensive and is this sustainable? The market is expensive partially because millions of more people are piling into the stock market and the share of individual investors trading in the market is up 30% this year. There’s more money available and people are willing to pay more money for safer, more certain bets, pulling future earnings expectations forward. This creates 3 baskets of stocks. Safe, Hopeful, and Untouchable. We’ll also review price targets. Maybe the Fed’s printing is just FAIT (Flexible Average Inflation Targeting).

Why did the stock market just crash? Tesla stock just fell hard, Zoom stock fell hard, Enphase fell, Ubiquiti fell, Docusign stock fell, Amazon stock fell, Apple stock fell – why did all of these stocks fall? Why did Etsy fall? Why did Shopify fall? Why did Salesforce fall? In this video I break down the 3 reasons the market fell very hard today. First, I talk about the Federal Reserve’s warning on the downward spiral coming. Then the Fed released their beige book providing more bad news about worker’s inability to return to work increasing unemployment filings and unemployment is still at record highs. This is not a great economy. This bad news comes on top of political pressures with an eviction crisis, possible foreclosure crisis, and ultimately a broader stock market crash. Being 60 days away from an election doesn’t help either with the prospect for a Financial Transactions Tax (FTT), corporate tax rate increase, capital gains tax hike, and more downward pressures on stocks dividends and options in general. PLUS we have pain from the reality that congress is in a stalemate, valuations are high, and there are desires to take profits on high flying stocks especially like Amazon Stock, Tesla Stock, Apple Stock, Google Stock, Salesforce stock, Facebook stock, Docusign stock. Why did these stocks all fall hard today? And what does the federal reserve have to do with this plus other pressures in the market now?

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